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78-Day Tarot Challenge (Virtual Event)

If you are wanting to learn tarot, or stengthen your connection to each of the cards in the tarot, come on a 78-day journey through the cards with me!

Starting July 1st I'll be taking one card from the tarot (I'll be using the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck), and 'working with it' daily. So, that means, I might spend some time journalling about it, sitting with it and letting the images and symbols speak to me for a spell, or I might just consider it's wisdom message as I move through my day. The goal of this challenge is really to build up a more intimate relationship with each card, so however you feel called to do that, you do you! 

I'll post a card each day, it's message, and anything else I think might be relevant, on my Insta story daily. You don't have to post yours on social media, but if you want to, go for it. Let's do #78daytarotchallenge as a hashtag. That seems fitting... and I'll look for you! 

I'll start with the Major Arcana (the Fool, on July 1, the Magician, July 2, etc.), then move my way through the minors which will take us through to Sept. 16th.