A writer and wellness enthusiast with a background in English and Creative Writing, my passion for truth-seeking and being of service guides all I do.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Contemporary Studies from Ryerson University in Toronto and a Certificate in Narrative Nonfiction Writing from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In addition to a background in social media marketing, I have 6+ years experience freelance writing for various lifestyle sites including Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Canadian Living, and more.

Writing may be my first love, but I believe that communication can take many forms, and I aim to be a form-agnostic truth-seeker! Energy work is one way I communicate with people to facilitate clarity and knowing.

How it started: 

When I was 11 I wrote a time capsule for myself – an envelope stuffed with notes for my future self. I cut and pasted pictures from magazines – examples of clothing I liked and places I wanted to visit. I included a picture of a tarot card. I wrote: “I hope you get into tarot reading. I think it adds a certain kind of smartness to you.”

I’ve always been intuitive. I’ve always known that this was a unique strength, something that set me apart from certain people and brought me closer to others. I didn’t start working with tarot seriously until my 20s but I’ve always felt connected to symbols like the moon, zodiac signs, stars and crystal balls, and had a sense that there was so much more to them that could hold meaning for me, and potentially for the people around me.

For me, tarot is a throughline to our intuition. Tarot allows us to look into the future and remember that the future isn’t so unknowable, because I am - we are, fully in charge of all of it. With every move we make, we manifest. It’s up to us if we bring conscious awareness to our world and it’s up to us if I choose not to. Tarot is an invitation to see the choice we have. It puts us in a position to pave the path with intention.

If my fascination with systems that help us connect with our innermost truth led me to tarot, my desire to live in connection with it everyday led me to reiki. I am a certified level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner who practices in downtown Toronto. Reiki has been a transformational part of my life as a writer, creative, and person who strives to be of service in her community. 

I'd love to add some light to your journey. Follow me on the gram, and let's be friends! Feel free to ask me anything you like in the contact form below. 


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