Hi! I'm Kait. I'm a writer, tarot reader and level 2 Usui reiki healer who lives in Parkdale, Toronto.

Here’s how it all started: When I was 11 I wrote a time capsule for myself – an envelope stuffed with notes for my future self. I cut and pasted pictures from magazines – pictures of clothes I liked and places I wanted to visit. I included a picture of a tarot card. I wrote: “I hope you get into tarot reading. I have a deck now, but I don’t know all the cards. I hope you learn them though because I think it adds a certain kind of smartness to you.”

I discovered it in my parents’ basement at the start of my Saturn return. I believe that moment changed the course of my life.

While I didn’t start working with tarot seriously until my late 20s, I’ve always felt connected to mysticism, and had a sense that there was so much more to the world than just the material. Tarot gave me a way to explore it.

The purpose of tarot, as I see it, is this: Tarot is a throughline to our intuition. Tarot helps us to look into the future and remember that the future isn’t so unknowable, because I am - we are, fully in charge of all of it. With every move we make, we manifest. It’s up to us if we bring conscious awareness to our world and it’s up to us if we choose not to. Tarot is an invitation to see the choice we have. It puts us in a position to pave our path with intention.

If my fascination with other dimensions led me to tarot, my need to make peace with my physical world led me to reiki. This energy healing practice has transformed the way I occupy my body - it’s allowed me to feel more vital and more whole. Paired with tarot, reiki has helped me live a life filled with a lot of gratitude and love. I believe this is possible for everyone.

I'd love to add some light to your journey. Feel free to get in touch via the contact form below.


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