July 2019 Eclipse Season Self-Care Kit

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Eclipse Season Self-Care Kit.png

July 2019 Eclipse Season Self-Care Kit


July 2019 brings us two eclipses - a Cancer new moon solar eclipse on July 2nd and a Capricorn full moon lunar eclipse on July 16th. These are ‘wild card’ lunations, which are notorious for bringing about major shifts, random events, deep, glimmering insights.

It is the work of eclipses to ultimately push us closer into alignment with our purpose. Whether it comes with tower moments and tears or Star moments and sweetness, July will be a big month! It’s a time to stay flexible, stay grounded, and prioritize self-care as we take on major upgrades.

This 13-page kit contains:

  • Eclipses 101: What are they & what do they mean for us?

  • July 2019 eclipse themes

  • A ritual for each eclipse

  • A set of journal prompts for each eclipse

  • Eclipse season mantras

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