Mantra for the ace of pentacles: “Opportunity knocks!”

Description: This card brings pure manifesting potential! Look out for job or business opportunities, fertile connections, or money coming your way. This card is a sign that what you seek is seeking you. All aces are like seeds that come to us. They have the potential to grow into something fruitful, but by themselves, they're not enough. We need to take action on them. The ace of pentacles wants to turn our attention to our material world and say, we're ready to grow. 

Journal prompts: Where are opportunities can you see around you now? Where can you start some little fires now? What parts of your life feels fertile? 


Mantra for the 2 of pentacles: “Assess your piorities.”

Description: This card shows us balancing multiple priorities, roles, and responsibilities. It's important to remember 'life happens when we're making other plans,' when we pull this card, because we must make a point to stay aware that we are managing our lives as we want to! That is, to make sure we're prioritizing what truly matters. 

Journal prompts: How are you managing your time and energy? How are you delegating tasks? 


Mantra for the 3 of pentacles: “Demonstrate your skills.”

Description: You've already achieved a certain level of stability in your reputation, and your confidence and competence, and this card shows up as encouragement to keep going! Keep working on building your skills. If you keep putting yourself out there and collaborating with people who are further along on the path than you, big rewards will come. Put your ego aside and know that all information that comes to you is feedback you can use to grow. 

Journal prompts: What skills am I interested in building? How do I contribute to my community? Who wants what I got? 


Mantra for the 4 of pentacles: “Open up to other forms of abundance.”

Description: This card is about conserving our resources - time, money, and energy, in order to make sure that we don't live beyond our means. It can also indicate someone clinging to their material stability too tightly - think: a compulsive saver or someone who is so afraid of losing all their wealth that they can't truly live. Consider all the forms of abundance available to you - friendships, creativity, music, etc. and how they support you in living a rich live. 

Journal prompts: What is money for? What do you truly value in life?


Mantra for the 5 of pentacles: “Reach out to your community for support.”

Description: This card indicates hard times and financial turmoil. While the two figures in the card don't have a roof over their head, and they're walking in the cold, they have each other. Other people are a key theme here. Sanctuary is within arms reach - but you must swallow your pride and ask the people around you for help. Isolation won't serve you anymore. Give one last hopeful push and reach out for help, and you'll find that all you had to do was ask, for your luck to change. 

Journal prompts: Where could you turn for support now? What kind of support are you needing now?


Mantra for the 6 of pentacles: “Join the dance of give and take.”

Description: Giving and receiving is the theme of this card. Sometimes, we on the giving end. Other times, we're on the receiving end. This is essentially the dance of life! If you're feeling an imbalance right now, whether you're giving too much of your time and energy or you're finding it hard to get what you need, it's time to see what might been to be adjusted. We need to be confident in our stability, but also free to give where we feel called to. How can you ensure you stay more or less balanced? What are some boundaries or supports you could put in place? 

Journal prompts: What do you have to give? What do you love to give? What are you hoping to receive? 


Mantra for the 7 of pentacles: “Evaluate your progress.”

Description: You've been working hard and methodically on building up your body of work. You're focused and in it for the long term, and you've already started to see some returns on your investment. It's time to take a step back and evaluate your work though. Are you still on track? Have you become so hyper-focused that you've lost sight of what you're working for and why? Look at what payoff you have seen so far, and commit to putting your time and energy into only what's working for you. Whatever isn't working, let it go. Take stock, trim the fat. 

Journal prompts: Where are you now, between where you first started, your ideal end goal? What investments are you no longer willing to make? What motivation do you need right now? 


Mantra for the 8 of pentacles: “Treat your work like an extension of yourself.”

Description: This card is about being deeply engaged in, and enthralled by, your work. You are building up your reputation as a go-to person in your field or realm, and are focused like never before. You might feel like you're on a journey only you can understand, but that's because you are sharing skills with the world now that only you have. Stay focused and collaborate with other independent workers who have something unique to share with the community, if you feel called to. 

Journal prompts: How can you make self-care a part of your growth strategy? 


Mantra for the 9 of pentacles: “Enjoy the fruits of your labour.”

Description: You deserve to feel like the king or queen of your own life, so let yourself be! You have worked so hard, independently, to build up your material foundation, so allow yourself to enjoy it. This card can indicate the work of a solopreneur or entrepreneur who has come a long way on their journey. Remember where you were when you started, and hold yourself like the successful person you truly are now. Work with grace, rather than hustle. What you focus on grows, so allow yourself to focus on joy and gratitude for all you have built, and more abundance is on it's way. 

Journal prompts: What would make you feel rich? When do you feel most grateful for your life? How do you work / talk / hold yourself when you are feeling confident? 


Mantra for the 10 of pentacles: “Your community is a key source of abundance.”

Description: This card is about being able to enjoy financial abundance and also a wealth of love. It's an excellent sign to see in business or relationships. Your wealth will come from the commitments you make - no flukes here. Whatever connections in your life feel fruitful, stick with them. They will help you keep your foundation strong. 

Journal prompts: What traditions do you honour? How do you incorporate them into your work? What do you want your legacy to be? Who do you want to support? 


Mantra for the page of pentacles: “What are you ready to accept?”

Description: Pages bring messages that spark new beginnings. The page of pentacles represents news having to do with your material life - you might hear about a new job, some money coming your way, or a gift of some kind. It's an offer that'll come with a bit of excitement. If you accept it, you'll be able to put in place plans for a whole new way of living. This page favours logic and rationality, so you'll have to think clearly and stay grounded. This card is great to see if you're lacking enthusiasm. It brings a chance to do something that makes you feel alive and engaged again. 

Journal prompts: What exactly does prosperity look like to you? What do you really want to experience? What feels new and exciting in your life right now? 


Mantra for the knight of pentacles: "Put in the work."

Description: The knight of pentacles is the most methodical, detail-oriented worker in the tarot. All knights are action-oriented and work toward a goal (informed by the pages), but this knight, rather than 'charge forward,' works slowly and surely and with a set schedule. He's building his material foundation, and he will not stop until he's successful. When this card comes up, we must be responsible for our goals and work toward them with an even pace. There's a need to be reliable, logical, focused, and support ourselves with the right self-talk. If you feel restless, this card encourages you to keep going - your success is on the way. 

Journal prompts: Is your day-to-day routine as supportive as it could be? How could you 'thrive while you strive?' What are you main sources of motivation right now? 


Mantra for the queen of pentacles: “Bring deep authenticity to your work.”

Description: This queen loves to create a warm and welcoming environment for people in her life and she brings an extra element of sensuality to everything she does. She may be a skilled cook, artist, or musician. She loves nature and is deeply aligned with it. Her resourcefulness is one of her key talents - she can create something from nothing and she sees the potential in things others don't. This card invites us to be giving and recognize our skill for holding space for others. Set an example with your independence, creativity and generousity. 

Journal prompts: How do you put your stamp of individuality on all you do? In what ways are you creative? 


Mantra for the king of pentacles: “Own your brand of leadership.”

Description: This king is a no-nonsense leader and a proud provider. He represents a masculine energy, someone who is completely confident in his ability to deliver orders, oversee all aspects of his material life, and make things happen. He trusts his ability to be successful in whatever way he so chooses. This card indicates a need to lean into our masculine. Be direct, to-the-point, and ask for what you want - and know you deserve it. 

Journal prompts: What do you need to get down to business about? What is your style of leadership? How do you emobody your sense of self-worth?