Mantra for the ace of wands: “Let inspiration find you working.”

Description: This card, representing the spark of a new creative idea or inspiration, is a green light to bring your dream into reality. Do what you can to get creative momentum going now! Start acting now, don't second guess yourself, and don't overthink the results. Watch the ‘signs’ around you that make you feel inspired. Ace’s want you to take action, so don’t hesitate to bring an experimental attitude to your creativity.

Journal prompts: How can you free up space in your life for the muse to meet you? 


Mantra for the two of wands: “Take your world into your own hands.”

Description: This card is all about launching into the world after a stage of personal discovery. You now have a firmer idea of what you truly want, what your unique talents are, and how you might want to ‘make the world yours.’ Start putting together your plan for personal success. Have patience and stay focused. Invest in your growth and development. Be willing to step outside the familiar and explore your influence.

Journal prompts: How do you exercise your influence over the world around you? What does your ‘future self’ do on a day to day basis that makes them so badass?


Mantra for the three of wands: “Call in your future, little by little.”

Description: You know what you want, you know you’re ready for it, and you’re already taking steps to claim it fully. Now, you just have to shift your thinking into the long term. Release your doubt fully now. Get super practical. What do you need to arrange now that you know what direction you’re headed in? There’s no turning back now. Think BIG, and be ready to invite the necessary components of your dream in – the people, the connections, the contracts, the commitments, etc. Call them in!

Journal prompts: What does your future require? Make an epic list of things you need to do before you take the next step.


Mantra for the four of wands: “It’s so good to be home.”

Description: This card reminds us how hard we’ve worked to get where we are today, and to remember a time when we wished we had what we have now. Specifically, it invites us to celebrate the stability we feel in our surroundings and our relationships. There’s an energy of ‘returning home’ to this card, and generally, feeling grateful for all the work we’ve done! Take some time away if you can, to spend time with people who make you feel at home but also allow your independence.

Journal prompts: Who in your life makes you feel deeply at home? What qualities do they possess that make you feel that way?


Mantra for the five of wands: “Rise above the disorder.”

Description: This card shows a situation where many people are working together toward the same aim, but in an atmosphere of chaos and confusion. There could be a lack of plan or structure, or the group may be in constant damage-control mode. Whether this is a representation of a physical environment, or you’re just grappling with too many voices pulling you in all different directions in your own thoughts, this card says, there may be too many cooks in the kitchen here. Keep your perspective and trust in your own firm foundation. Your perspective is what will keep you detached and strong now.

Journal prompts: What is your current situation teaching you about how you work with others? What changes are required of you now?


Mantra for the six of wands: “Be the leader you’ve been waiting for.”

Description: This card is about stepping into a position of leadership, demonstrating influence and receiving praise from the people around you. People are looking to you for an example now. Accept this responsibility as you move into the next phase of your journey. Continue to become even more authentic as you move forward. Give yourself permission to evolve from your previous idea of ‘success.’ You’re truly stepping into your own, now.

Journal prompts: What is your personal definition of success? What is your leadership style? How do you want to influence people?


Mantra for the seven of wands: “Your perseverance will be rewarded.”

Description: Youre being required to stand your ground and trust yourself like never before. You’ve worked hard to get where you are – and now you’re at the stage where, you have to do the work of maintaining the level of ‘success’ you’ve achieved! You might be coming up against challenges daily, and finding yourself facing conflict regularly. Know that you’re about to take your strength and confidence to the next, next level. Keep going. You’re becoming an expert and the end is so close. Root into your independence and self-worth and don’t lose sight of your ‘why.’

Journal prompts: What are you truly, deeply confident about? What is your purpose?


Mantra for the eight of wands: “Prepare for lift-off.”

Description: This is one of the only cards in the traditional tarot deck with no figures or animals on it. Here, the focus here is on pure action. All we see here is 8 wands flying through the air, symbolizing messages and news coming your way. This is a ‘when it rains, it pours’ kind of energy. After a period of generating momentum in a certain area of life, we’re able to sit back and reap the benefits. This is when the results are finally seen (ie - when the money rolls in or, when the job interview offers come in, etc.) What this card asks us to do is prepare for adjustments and change. Don’t allow yourself to make rushed decisions. Think clearly and in alignment with what YOU want, not someone else.

Journal prompts: Where is your energy going right now? What end-results are you working toward now?


Mantra for the nine of wands: “Create boundaries, not barriers.”

Description: This card is about feeling protective of your turf. You might feel less-than-adequately protected, right now, or reluctant to fully trust the people around you. Know that boundaries are healthy, but only when they truly protect you, not isolate or limit you. When this card comes up, it's an invitation to check in with your grip on your boundaries, currently. Are you allowing others in enough? Do you trust in yourself to feel your way around your situation? Don't let yourself get paranoid, or down on yourself. Prioritize your self-care and ability to stay clear and present.

Journal prompts: What self-care practices are keeping you grounded and protected now? What does it mean to have boundaries?


Mantra for the ten of wands: “I’m able to see when my work is done.”

Description: You may be at risk of taking on too much right now. Take a step back and ask yourself - are you feeling energized and motivated in your work right now? Or, could you really afford to delegate some the tasks you have committed to? Remember that you always call the shots. Know that hard work will get you where you need to go, but you don't have to be a martyr, or do it all alone. Make sure you have the support you need.

Journal prompts: Where do you feel like you’re pulling more weight than necessary? How could you let down some of weight on your shoulders? How do you know it’s time to put the work down for the day?


Mantra for the page of wands: “Step into your new reality.”

Description: This page heralds the start of a creative new beginning into your life - one that you’ll be able to pour all your passion into. It's time to fully express yourself. Aim to be confident, speak up, and allow yourself to be open to all experiences with an open mind. If it makes you feel lit up and excited, do anything you can do learn more about it now! This card is like a hell yes to take action on any new creative inkling you have right now. This is the start of something big for you. You are honing your passion into a leadership skill now.

Journal prompts: What have you felt the most excited about lately? What kind of expert do you want to be now?


Mantra for the knight of wands: “Harness your inner fire."

Description: This card is an invitation to take bold action on your deepest desires without delay. Be confident in yourself and simply continue to take the incremental actions you need to move forward. Don't overthink (it will just slow you down), but do be wise and self-aware about how you make progress. This knight knows that independence and courage is his best support now, so do move with surefootedness, but don’t forget the people you care about. Be willing to make quick pivots and welcome change and progress. You're heading straight into your fullest expression of yourself, so keep going!

Journal prompts: What risks are you ready to take? Do you feel like there is anything holding you back from being fully committed to what you want?


Mantra for the queen of wands: “Let your inner light shine.”

Description: All queens in the tarot represent intuitive leaders, but the queen of wands is the most passionate of them all. Creative, mystical, and dynamic, she is the poster girl for embodying your personal power. Her shadow side may be quick to anger when she doesn’t get her way, (she might lash out on those around her), but on a good day, she can pour her passion into creativity and connecting people. Her light and warmth lights people up. As advice, this card says, nurture and share your inner fire. You don't have to create drama to prove that you're powerful. Rule like the leader you want to see in the world.

Journal prompts: What channel do you have for your creativity at present? What helps you to feel your most powerful?


Mantra for the king of wands: “You can create any outcome you want if you

Description: The king of wands is a passionate leader who owns the room. He can see how everything works and he knows that at the end of the day, he's in charge of how it all goes down. At his best, he takes inspired action for the people. At his worst, he's overly dominant and allows his ego to take charge. Like all court cards, he might represent you, or someone around you right now. As advice, this card asks us to take control of a situation and to accept our duty as a leader. Be fearless, and be loving to everyone you come into contact with. Stay enthusiastic and engaged, because you are setting an example for the people around you now. 

Journal prompts: What kind of leader do you want to be?