Mantra for the ace of cups: “Follow your bliss.”

Description: Like all aces, the ace of cups brings a new beginning; one that hasn’t taken shape yet. They come as inspiration or an idea - some form of new potential. This ace indicates a whole new emotional beginning coming your way. A new relationship could come into your life and change the way you feel about everything. Or, you might receive news that makes you want to open your heart even wider to someone around you. It’s a beautiful fresh start energy. Pay attention to what gives you energy and follow your heart, or what feels good. 

Journal prompts: What brings you joy? Where is your heart leading you? 


Mantra for the 2 of cups: “In alignment.”

Description: This card symbolizes shared values and and feeling totally 'on the same page,' in our relationships. It's perhaps the best card to see come up for questions about romance. If you're single, it could mean someone you really vibe with would come into your life - it feels effortless to be with this person. If you're in a relationship, you likely share a great bond and any challenges you come up against will be easily resolved because both parties ultimately share the same wants and beliefs. As advice, this card says make an effort to connect on a deeper level - it will be mutually beneficial.

Journal prompts: What does it mean to you to be in harmony with the people around you? What does your ideal relationship dynamic look like? 


Mantra for the 3 of cups: “2 blessed 2 be stressed..”

Description: Whether or not you feel like you have anything to celebrate in life right now, this card urges you to come together with friends and be lighthearted, laugh, and enjoy the pleasures of life - no matter how simple. Your relationships are sources of abundance for you, and right now, you're stronger together! Celebrate your friends, and don't hold back from telling them how much you appreciate them. Remind yourself of the magic that can happen when friends join together. 

Journal prompts: Who in your circle do you really admire and look up to? In what ways do your friendships support you and make you feel glad to be alive? What are you enjoying creating with others, right now? 


Mantra for the 4 of cups: “See things from a new perspective.”

Description: This card is about feeling disengaged and disconnected with the world around you. You're feeling apathetic about how things are in your life right now, but you don't exactly know what to do to improve your situation. Nothing is necessarily 'bad,' but you know there's so much more that you want. When this card comes up, it shows the answers are deep inside, and we need to remove ourselves from our day-to-day routine to have perspective on the situation. With fresh eyes, we'll be able to see all the possibilities around. 

Journal prompts: Write about a time when you recently felt excited. What activities, or people were involved? What do you see your best-case-scenario-future self doing, 10 years in the future? How can you start to create some small shifts in your life now? 


Mantra for the 5 of cups: “Time to move onward and upward.”

Description: Something hasn't panned out like you thought it would, and it's put a damper on your spirit to the point that you can't see outside of your disappointment or sadness. Even though you might feel like there's no hope, this card says, there is a way forward, and now is the time to start finding it! Consider that the universe has bigger plans for you than you initially may have thought, and you are worth believing in and supporting yourself in moving forward with faith. Give up hope that the past could be any different, and open yourself up to the world of opportunity in the present. 

Journal prompts: What issue is ready to be put behind you? How can you have more faith in the future? What do you need to do to make peace with the past? 


Mantra for the 6 of cups: “Let your inner child emerge.”

Description: This card taps your inner child on the shoulder - they have the wisdom you need right now. Try to see life through their eyes. Consider your favourite childhood activities, places, or ways you were as a kid. Return to those in whatever way you can, and allow yourself to feel the joy in simple pleasures again. Things change, and we change, but our inner child is a force in us we can't suppress. What does yours need now?

Journal prompts: How would you move through the world if you allowed yourself to be carefree? What aspects of yourself have you forgotten along the way?


Mantra for the 7 of cups: “You can do anything you want in life, you just have to do it.”

Description: This card comes up when we have many options available, and they're all, at this point, dreams or ideas. This card wants us to consider all our options, and also know that we can't have them all. We wouldn't want them all. Trust that you know yourself well enough to pick the option that's right for you. It's important to be clear on the consequences of each option in your life, but also, outside that, be honest with yourself about what you ultimately want. The world holds many options, but there's only one you. What do YOU want? Be careful to not let emotions or overwhelm blur your vision. 

Journal prompts: How could you get to know the consequences of each option available to you now? Who's perspective might help? Is fear or lack of self-belief clouding your vision? What are the parts of you that have a hand in making this decision? Write out what each part is most concerned about.


Mantra for the 8 of cups: “Setting off on a journey that's uniquely yours.”

Description: This card is about moving on from a situation that no longer serves us, and pressing forward into uncharted territory. You've been through a ton of emotional ups and downs, and may have been contemplating your next move for a long time, and now, the indecision has subsided. You're moving on. You might feel sad or empty, or like you're on a journey only you understand, but know that you're not alone! Others have made this journey too and it will only lead you to your better path. 

Journal prompts: Who might you be able to learn from now?  What emotional needs do you have right now? What exactly do you need to continue moving forward in the right direction? 


Mantra for the 9 of cups: “Finally where you want to be.”

Description: This card is all about feeling the fulfillment that comes from knowing we've created what we wanted. We might have a relationship we feel proud of, or the house or job we've always wanted. We want to cherish and show it all off. This card says, on one hand, we should celebrate our success and be proud! We can be an inspiration to others now. If you don't have what we want yet, don't be afraid to wish big because you'll get what you wish for. Visualize the 'trophies' or 'feathers in your hat' you want in clear detail. Make sure your wishes are aligned with your heart's values and strive to be humble. 

Journal prompts: What do you know for sure about your emotional needs? What have you learned about what you don't, in fact, want? Do you feel confident in the path you have taken in life? 


Mantra for the 10 of cups: “Finally where you want to be.”

Description: At the end of the day, family is all that matters. That's what this card embodies - a sense of knowing this in your bones. It's a card of ultimate belonging. The bond you share in your relationships now are the most supportive they have ever been. Connections run deep and are so strong, your foundation is unshakeable. This card shows a great time to love up on your fam or community (how could you add more joy to their lives?) or, if you're in a relationship, you may want to take it to the next level now - now is the time to share honestly. If you're wanting to start a family, this card is the best one to see. 

Journal prompts: What are you proud of, in your life?  What experiences are on your bucket list? what does your ultimate idea of success (or - 'having made it') look like? 


Mantra for the page of cups: “Awaken your creative spirit.”

Description: This page brings happy news. You might hear from a loved one who is ready to express their feelings, or someone new enters your life. Keep an eye out for roads opening now - this news will inform how you move forward and what you can create. Pages also represent a child-like energy, and could indicate an actual child, or someone with a youthful personality that could play a key role in your next steps. This is a great card to see for artists or creators - inspiration will find you. 

Journal prompts: What are you curious about? What inspires you now? What new beginning are you craving now? 


Mantra for the knight of cups: “Your imagination is a superpower.”

Description: This knight is the archetypal 'knight in shining armour' archetype - romantic, in touch with his feminine side, artistic, charming, and gentle. He doesn't fight aggressively for what he wants, he gets more done by 'finessing.' He works best when he can nurture himself and others, and use his rich imagination to inspire others.

Journal prompts: What would it look like if you followed your dreams with full faith they'd come true? What is your idea of romance? What excites you about life? 


Mantra for the queen of cups: “Honour your boundaries.”

Description: The Queen of Cups rules the emotional realm. She's the most intuitive queen, who had mastered her ability to care for herself and for her loved ones. Her key strength is her emotional security. She's very connected to other's emotional needs, but strong enough in her boundaries that she doesn't let others take too much from her. This card advises us to stand in our power like a queen but listen to our heart and be gentle with ourselves and those around us. Explore your creative side through writing, dance or music. 

Journal prompts: Where do you feel safe and loved? What are your self-care minimums? What do you absolutely not tolerate, in relationships? What have you learned to accept about yourself? 


Mantra for the king of cups: “Emotional security is a form of wealth.”

Description: This king has mastered the balance between emotions and logic. He doesn't deny his feelings, nor does he allow himself to get overly rattled, no matter what comes up. He expresses himself honestly and with sensitivity to the people around him. He's loving, paternal, trust-worthy, patient and always self-aware. He might represent a father figure, a doctor or a male mentor of some kind. This card advises you to be strong, and stay calm; you're acting as a rock for the people in your life. You have worked long and hard at your emotional intelligence, and now is the time to use your powers to help others. 

Journal prompts: How do you embody your own unique brand of strength? What self-care practices keep you feeling emotionally secure day-to-day? How do you support loved ones emotionally?