I requested a love reading from Kait and it resonated so much it brought me to tears! I appreciated the message and the advice the cards spoke through her. I can feel her good energy, I highly recommend her!!
— Filomena Paoletta, filomenapaoletta.com
My card reading from Kait was so powerful, it made me cry. I am on the verge of a major life transition and I asked her for some insight. Even across the internet, she was able to give me a reading that felt so true and insightful, and really personal. I knew the message she was delivering came directly from the Universe, that it was clearly meant for me, and it was everything I needed to hear. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Kait!! Your reading spoke directly to my Soul, and has me feeling so positive, and totally empowered as I walk toward this big change in my life.
— Erin Bruce, www.theseasonalsoul.com
Kait is a wise and loving reader. She not only understands tarot (it’s ancient symbology and deep meanings) but is able to put it in context for the reader in an easy and down to earth way. She is a wonderful combination of wise ancient wisdom and modern intuition. She is a truly progressive reader who can reach anyone and who shares her heart wisdom in every reading. I recommend Kait for her kindness, respect, and commitment to her craft.
— Alexandra Collas, www.peruflow.ca
Baring witness to Kait’s energy work is baring witness to true magic. She is incredibly in tune with the vibrations around her, harnessing them for the highest good and deepest healing. She brings a sense of groundedness through tradition and ritual in each session and shows up fully for each client she works with. Working with Kait is an honest pleasure and I reccommend her services to anyone seeking connection to their highest self.
— — Laura Di Cecco, www.elevatedasana.com
“Kait was so personable and you can tell how passionate she is about tarot. During the time of my reading I had just made a lot of changes in my life; from my career to relationships. Following my reading I was motivated and energized for what is to come next, and that taking the leap of faith was OK.”
— Taylor F.
“Kait was so patient and thorough with her reading! She took time to really explain what each card meant for me. It really opened my eyes to some details in my life I was overlooking.”
— Nicole G.