Mantra for the ace of swords: "Make your Aha moment happen."

Description: This card is all about that 'Eureka!' moment, or hit of mental clarity where everything suddenly makes sense. This ace catalyzes your creativity and gets you thinking about the future in a new way. It might come in the form of a piece of information being revealed to you via messages, email, conversations or even a personal realization. This card suggests it's time to take initiative, to allow inspiration to find you working, and lead with your mind, not your emotions.

Journal prompts: What do you wish felt easier? What are you waiting on to get started? How can you start working toward your 'next big idea?' now? 


Mantra for the 2 of swords: "I only need to do what is right for me."

Description: This card symbolizes being in a state of indecision or a pause. The two swords this woman is holding are thought to indicate two distinct options that are available to us now. We're in a moment of looking inward and waiting for our next step to be revealed to us. It's possible though, that we might also be deliberately closing ourselves off from seeing our situation realistically, or receiving external information. If you are avoiding making a decision or taking a firm stance at this time, really consider what information you're needing now, and start to make moves to get it.

Journal prompts: What information do you need to come to a decision about your next step? What are you avoiding seeing? What is (are) the worst-case scenario? 


Mantra for the 3 of swords: "Thoughts create feelings."

Description: This card is about an experience of pure, intense emotion. Now, the clouds have parted, you can see things totally clearly, and are in a state of pure feeling. The message here FEEL your feelings and honour them. They have powerful messages for you! Examine what you’re feeling without judgement. Allow it to be what it is. This card serves as a reminder that or thoughts can create feelings! We can break our own hearts with our thoughts if we’re not careful! Don't get in your head about your feelings. Allow them to be pure. 

Journal prompts: How might you be judging or resisting feeling what you're feeling? What does the current way you feel remind you of? 


Mantra for the 4 of swords: "Rest, don't quit."

Description: The message of this card is ultimately: take a time-out! Taking a break from your work will restore your deep sense of stability and perspective. There is a need to honour your need for physical rest. You don't have to quit, but you must rest. You will not lose momentum if you pause. Your inspiration and sense of vigour will be restored. 

Journal prompts: Where can you go to restore yourself? Have you been resisting rest? 


Mantra for the 5 of swords: "Pick your battles wisely."

Description: This card asks, what exactly are you fighting for? Is it really worth it? You may be at risk of a hollow victory, so make sure you're expending your energy in a way that's aligned with your heart. Don't let your ego get in the way - you don't have to prove anything to anyone. There could be a mental battle going on - whether between you and the people around you, or, it could be an internal battle you're dealing with. Stay on your own side and think for yourself, not against yourself!

Journal prompts: What are you fighting for? Is your behaviour right now aligned with your heart's desire? 


Mantra for the 6 of swords: "Your hero's journey begins."

Description: This card marks a milestone in personal growth. You're being called to move from a difficult situation and forge forward to a life with a greater sense of purpose - taking with you only what you really need. Leave the people who are holding you back, and know that any resistance to the truth will not serve you. Don't worry if you feel empty or listless now - moving on is right, now, even if you feel alone. Be all in in your journey forward into uncharted territory. Embrace the unknown. You are stepping into your power. 

Journal prompts: What have you been putting off, or, afraid of? What does continuing to move forward look like now? 


Mantra for the 7 of swords: "Make a break for it - but be honest."

Description: There is a real lone wolf energy to this card. You are feeling called to do what it is you want to do, and it doesn't look like what's being offered to you in your current space - the environment you're in isn't nurturing your sense of individuality. You may have felt like you've been playing a role - like a monkey in someone else's circus. You may have been putting on a happy face for a while now - and it's time to be honest about your intentions! You are free to leave and go your own way, but you must be honest about what you truly want. Don't try and escape or pull the wool over someone's eyes. You don't need to. 

Journal prompts: What, or who, do you not trust? What does authenticity mean to you? 


Mantra for the 8 of swords: "Free your mind."

Description: You are not as trapped as you think you are! You may feel isolated, restricted, or stuck when this card comes up (there is a suffocating energy to it), but you have everything you need to free yourself from your current situation. You just need to get out of your head. You may be keeping yourself feeling stuck with your expectations, or fears of expansion. Take off your self-imposed blindfold, look around and start to take baby steps! Any small movement will help you reclaim your power now.

Journal prompts: Are you hoping someone will come and save you? What exactly are you giving your power over to?


Mantra for the 9 of swords: "Fear in the mind causes stress in the body."

Description: This card is about being tortured by your thoughts - stress, fear, intense anxiety, and you might be losing sleep or having nightmares. When this card comes up, know that all the terror is worse in your head. Your self-talk is not helping you! You're spiralling. Don't keep yourself isolated. Enlist the support of a close friend or talk to a counsellor of some kind. You're not seeing your situation clearly and some outside perspective will help you realize it is not the end of the world. You always, always have options. 

Journal prompts: How can you take control of your self-talk? What can you do to make yourself feel better in this moment? 


Mantra for the 10 of swords: "The end of an era."

Description: A certain chapter in your life – one that may have felt like an emotional roller coaster or saga, has come to a close, whether you’re ready or not. That period is over, and transformation is ahead. Focus on the sunrise, not on the sunset! Imagine, with a lot of hope, your ideal future. This ending was a very necessary one, so trust that you are moving forward toward a more aligned life.

Journal prompts:What are you releasing? What excites you about your future now? What feels hopeful?


Mantra for the page of swords: "Knowledge is power. It's time to build yours."

Description: This page represents a youthful, bright, super-curious energy. This is the energy you feel when you just discover a new genre of music, or a band, or an author, or a community that represents what you want to be. This is an exciting time! Embrace your sense of curiosity. You may feel a need to ‘prove yourself’ now, but don’t rush that. Pages bring an invitation to take your life to the next level, so all you need to do is accept that invitation and find out all you can. Ask questions, do your research, share your thoughts, and stay open minded. 

Journal prompts: What skills are you ready to hone? What kind of an expert to you want to be?


Mantra for the knight of swords: "Seek the truth at all costs."

Description: This knight is an independent, forward-thinking, fast-moving energy. He is committed to his mission to bring an idea into reality and live his truth. He might be a writer, or a speaker, or someone who thrives on debate. Build up the momentum you need to bring your idea into reality. Move forward based on what you know to be true. Your firm belief in yourself and your community or the movement that shares your conviction will give you strength. There is nothing you can’t achieve now if you put your mind to it. Keep charging forward.

Journal prompts: What inspiration is moving you? What answers do you seek? What do you want to share with the world? 


Mantra for the queen of swords: "Tell it like it is."

Description: This queen is as intuitive as she is ruthless in her mission to speak the truth. She is forthright and consistent in her communication and her actions, and she never allows her emotions to cloud her judgement. She knows exactly what to do to create a desired outcome – and she is a skilled delegator. When she talks, people listen. Call this energy in when you need to make a point or get the truth across to someone.

Journal prompts: Where might you be questioning your power? What are you learning about communication? 


Mantra for the king of swords: "Find the voice of reason."

Description: The king of swords represents a seasoned thought leader. He is a born communicator with a unique message to share with the world. He has acquired a lot of wisdom on his journey from other sources. Driving him is a need to continually acquire knowledge in a certain tradition, and hone how he delivers his message. His journey means he must pass it down to the next generation. As advice, this card says, be direct in your communication and use your logic. Look to a trusted advisor, if need be. 

Journal prompts: Am I being direct in my communication? What is preventing me from just getting down to business?